An essay on richard billinghams photography

There are a couple of those shots in this exhibition, and they ought to sit oddly with the images of family life that surround them, but they don't, even though this new ensemble of Billinghams is rather less feral than the old one. The composition of this photograph is very clever although I doubt he arranged it.

Billingham certainly does not represent an ordinary family album, but does this make his work uncanny. I guess many of the images do have a theatrical element. It also convinced me I would like to make some work with zoo animals one day. The audience is taken into an alien world, ugly with poverty, over flowing with social tragedies such as alcoholism, unemployment, obesity and the abandonment of hope and, worse than that, it is inconveniently on our doorstep.

RICHARD BILLINGHAM: “Ray’s a Laugh” (2000)

Thus, the themes of addiction and boredom are social issues but are not necessarily class specific. By talking to these people, I found out useful information about zoo animals that helped me make the work. She told me everything she knew about it, in particular that its eye was quite special in that just before it would blink a separate eyelid, underneath the eyelid you can see, would blink.

She likes pets and things that are decorative.

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The rooms are brightly painted and wallpapered, shelves and table tops often cluttered with seemingly miscellaneous and inconsequential ornaments, an aesthetic which connotes both liveliness and idle desperation. I found it very moving somehow. Overall, I have enjoyed researching Richard Billingham as a photographer because his work is truly captivating and thought-provoking for viewers.

RICHARD BILLINGHAM: “Ray’s a Laugh” (2000)

Billingham has brought an amateur feel, a snapshot style, to the negative aspects of his family so the audience is offered documentary style subjects presented as a family album.

Conversely, just as Billingham seems distant despite his love for his family, so does his family seem distant towards him. On the other hand, the addictions are debilitating and cause boredom. Although Richard Billingham has enjoyed a remarkably successful career in photography, he has never quite been able to re-create the success of his first photo-book Ray's A Laugh, which initially launched his career as a photographer.

Richard Billingham Photo Analysis Essay

What could be more orderly than a model flattened to two dimensions, utterly acquiescent, never moving from position, or getting tired or cross.

Billingham has not chosen to point his camera at this kind of chaos; maybe it's too big for his viewfinder. If we accept the premise that the buyers of art photography books, visitors to exhibitions, art critics, photography academics and students are rarely park-bench-alcoholics there is another element at play.

Following the huge success of Ray's A Laugh, Billingham found himself invited to various galleries and socializing with people from the art world. He drinks alot at nights now and gets up late.

His series introduces a young artist still insecure about his style as he begins to develop an interest in spatial representation that becomes a focus in his later work.

Critical Analysis of Richard Billingham's Photography

Thus, it becomes difficult to maintain a distance from the Billinghams. It is a photographic vision of magnificence… but, magnificence in poverty and pain, in tragedy, of brilliance in ugliness, an aesthetic tour-de-snapshot-force of voyeurism and realism.

Billingham is more interested in themes of boredom and addiction, although he argues that he only realized this after finishing the series.

He grew up in Cradley Heath with his father Ray and mother Liz and younger brother Jason in a run-down council flat in Birmingham. My Essay On Photographer Richard Billingham April For my essay I have chosen to write about English photographer and artist Richard Billingham, who is best known for his photo-books which includes the critically acclaimed book "Ray's A Laugh" which was first published in Posted in Essays and tagged British Color Photography, Color Photography, Diaristic, Richard Billingham, Social Critique, UK.

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Richard Billingham Photo Analysis Essay

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Richard Billingham has established himself as one of the quintessential British artists of the ’s. While in many respects, his aesthetic style remains Critical Analysis of Richard Billingham’s Photography.

An essay is a short piece of writing that discusses, describes or analyzes one topic. Richard Billingham Photography Projects Film Photography Narrative Photography Photography Gallery Documentary Photography Street Photography Intimate Photography Contemporary Photography Forward richard billingham: 'my father raymond is a chronic alcoholic.

he doesn't like going outside, my mother elizabeth hardly drinks, but she does smoke a.

An essay on richard billinghams photography
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